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Now that we are holiday-ready on the outside with all the latest beauty tips and style inspiration from Kaysha Nyman and showing off our beloved B+M Amazonite Necklace, it's time to focus on INSIDE! Feeling good on the inside is integral to living a peaceful and balanced life. We get a head start every day when we follow simple guidelines that work for us, boosting our mood and overall health!

This blog post is filled with ideas and inspiration that will take you into the new year and beyond. We are so excited to have teamed up with Essential Oils Specialist Rosemary Noe and Mary Ellen Phipps, the registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) behind Milk & Honey Nutrition. They offer so much insight to the INSIDE, and we can't wait to share their ideas with you!

It is no secret that the use of essential oils has become very popular lately, but oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits. Essential oils take you on a journey that creates a life of balance, going way beyond relaxation for your well-being and natural lifestyle. Rosemary Noe is shown here wearing some of our newest and most popular B+M bracelets. Looking fabulous on the outside, and feeling wonderful on the INSIDE, she shares some of her invaluable essential oils know-how to YOU, our amazing customers!

Choosing the right oils can be overwhelming but Rosemary makes it simple. Rosemary recommends these three oils are a great way to start your oil journey, especially during the holidays. 

Lavender is calming for your body and your mind, so when too many presents to wrap or too many holiday parties have you frazzled, lavender can help you relax and have a restful night’s sleep. 

Lemon is very soothing and detoxifying, so whether you need to make a soothing tea when you’re under the weather or your body needs help getting rid of bloat from too many holiday treats, lemon has got you covered!

Last but certainly not least, Peppermint can be used in so many ways! Peppermint is a great pick me up when you’re running around with holiday craziness, it can instantly clear your sinuses and freshen your breath to perk you up before you need to be on point and it can also help support your digestive system when you overindulge on those holiday treats.   

Here at BRYN+MCKENNA, we start each day with peppermint oil. A drop of oil placed directly on our lava rock bracelet sets the tone for a fresh and clean inspirational day. These unisex bracelets are so versatile, you will reach for them again and again. Start the New Year with style and balance!

We know what it's like during the holiday season. Whether it's an ornament exchange with neighbors, happy hour celebration with the girls, or that obligatory but often hilarious office party that no one can forget, we can tend to overindulge. Thankfully, Rosemary's got the 411 on your very own Hang Over Cure! Check it out...

As we round out the year with lots of delicious and tasty food to be shared with friends and family, it's important to be mindful of how good nutrition can still play a role in holiday eating. You will feel great about adding healthy choices to your meals, and let's face it, we all know that it matters. Registered dietitian nutritionist Mary Ellen Phipps, from Milk & Honey, invites you to take a look at some recipes below that you will love to eat and be proud to share!

Check out these fun and quick holiday treats, and let us know what you think!

Peppermint Energy Bites

Roasted Purple Sweet Potato/Beet Souffle

It's been so amazing to close out the year at BRYN+MCKENNA with exciting collaborations and pop-ups like those we held at Pottery Barn, wonderful partnerships with people like Kaysha, Rosemary, and Mary Ellen, and providing our customers with distinctive handcrafted jewelry with meaning. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and love and laughter in the new year! Check out our mailers and posts regularly for new product introductions and promo codes.

Use Promo Code:MERRY at checkout for amazing deals to jumpstart your NEW YEAR at BRYNMCKENNA.com.

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