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What’s on the horizon for Spring 2018?


What’s on the horizon for Spring 2018? We’ve got an idea of what our closets will look like, from bold and bright artful prints, to flowy romantic fabrics in soft pastels, to a new take on athleisure that will have us all lamenting at the options galore! What’s really fun and exciting is the Tropicool trend that lends itself to a laid-back defining look that is crazy cool but perfectly polished!

SOLD OUT at our last POP UP sale, our Cowrie Shell Necklaces are the epitome of Tropicool style and versatility. Shiny and semi-translucent in appearance, the cowrie shell has held special importance throughout history. They represented wealth, abundance, and prosperity and were used as very early currency and became a symbol of prestige and power. According to African legend, the cowrie shell represents Goddess protection, which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean. Did you say Goddess? That’s right fashionistas! Nothing makes a statement like a distinctive, handmade, meaningful accessory that gives you that WOW of the unexpected and makes any outfit shine!

Make room in your jewelry wardrobe this spring for the Jehla Necklace. Designed to inspire to be PRESENT in the moment and to see the value and good in every single day, this bold bohemian necklace is up for anything you may have on your agenda. Jehla is the bohemian word for “needle”. We love that it reminds us to look deeply to see the positive, like the proverbial “needle in a haystack”! What do you think? We think it’s perfection! Get yours now while they’re still in stock.

Also, check out our new take on pearls to add to your jewelry wardrobe. Talk about unexpected! Not only does it lend to the new softer, romantic trends, but we give them a new look that goes with everything from coffee shop, to conference room, to cocktails!

The official first day of spring is March 20th, and we’re looking ahead to spring break! Whether your travel plans include snorkeling or skiing, we’ve got you covered at BRYN+MCKENNA for fresh finds to wear on the plane and to toss in your suitcase. Stay in your ZEN with a variety of Lava Rock Bracelets and new introductions of bracelets with meaningful stones, metals, and unique materials. Create that balance in everyday dressing by looking good and feeling fabulous!

February birthdays anyone? We know you’re freedom-loving and individualistic, so you will dig our new take on the Tropicool vibe. Artistic and inventive, broad-minded and offbeat, if this is your birth month treat yourself to something special that says unmistakably YOU!

And while summer fashion may be a little far off on your agenda at the moment, start prepping your wardrobe NOW so you’re not scrambling for something fun to wear when the moment arises! Be on the lookout for new product introductions, POP UP info, and daily specials and promotions. Spring is all about fresh looks and new beginnings. Be the best version of you with new finds from B+M!



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